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Turning Energy Into Income

Few things are more important to your family than your electricity service. You can't afford to compromise on a very basic need – that when you flip the switch, the lights come on. So while you may have heard about energy deregulation in Texas, you may still be in the dark about how it benefits you.

Fortunately, Stream Energy is ready to help you see more clearly. Ignite's parent company Stream Energy secures electricity through a variety of sources to bring you some of the lowest rates in the industry. Just as importantly, you enjoy the confidence of knowing that the transmission of your electricity is still regulated by the Public Utility Commission to ensure safe and dependable delivery. And with the personalized service you receive from your Ignite Independent Associate, you have a familiar face ready to help you make the most of your power as an energy customer.

Greater savings, safe delivery, personalized service - if you're ready to be enlightened by the advantages Stream Energy customers enjoy, please contact me.

Our Fixed Rate Plan protects you against month-to-month price fluctuations. If, for some reason, it were ever necessary to change the conditions of your Fixed Rate plan, you have our promise and guarantee that you will be given an entire 45-day advanced notice before any change, and you will be allowed to terminate your contract (if you so choose) without having to pay any early termination penalty. This is just one more way we are taking care of you, our valuable customer! See our Terms of Service for details.

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