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Kwik-Change RO Systems

Reverse Osmosis Systems with Kwik-Change™ Cartridges. Watts new Kwik-Change™ cartridges make cartridge and membrane replacement a snap.

Available on a complete line of reverse osmosis drinking water systems and filtration units, Kwik-Change cartridges connect and disconnect by a simple ¼-turn making cartridge changes quick, easy and more sanitary. 

Unlike conventional reverse osmosis units, filter housings are not required, so there’s no mess or fuss during cartridge replacement. These systems are ideal for busy consumers that don’t want to be bothered with complicated filter cartridge replacement procedures. 


  • Hinged bracket aids cartridge replacement.
  • Cartridges and membranes are removed with a simple ¼-turn.
  • Cartridges are attractively labeled
  • Double O-ring design to prevent leaks.
  • Hinge bracket and integrated shut off valve for easy cartridge replacement with just a simple ¼-turn.
  • Cartridges shut off automatically.  No sumps! No mess! No fuss!
  • So simple, anyone can do it!
  • Available in 50 GPD and 100 GPD Models.

Easy Cartridge Replacements!